Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Okay, how do I start this. It's been a tough week so far, and it's just Wednesday. Tomorrow's my MUET speaking test(which I am not worrying about one bit), and a lot had happened in the course of two days(ago).

My car got broke into. AGAIN. But this time, instead of missing a RM700+ pioneer CD player, it's a ~RM400 pioneer CD player. AND almost a ~RM36000 car. The thief, not only stole my CD player, but also attempted to start the ignition of my car. Forcefully taking off the area behind the steering wheel(and costing RM400+ in repairs for that), he didn't realise that kelisa has a steering lock mechanism that locks the steering automatically when the key's not in when you forcefully turn the wheel. Veli cleber. What to do? Just pure suey luck lah. If I ever see a person breaking into a person's car, I'll make sure that person will have no balls to break into another car again. Literally. Thanks a million to all the friends and schoolmates who helped me that unfateful afternoon(some I don't even know their names!). Just to show nowadays nice people are still around you.

Bad news aside, FINALLY got my Suzumiya Haruhi CDs from Play-Asia!!! It has been over one month and finally I have them. Muahahaha. And I finally paid for my Alter's Louise. RM185, not so cheap, but I think worth it. Due to arrive tomorrow or Friday. I hope. =D

And finally got myself a CREDIT CARD!!! HAHAHA OMFGBBQFTW!!! nolah, just a debit card, similar to a credit card. It's Ambank's NexG Mastercard Debit card(sorta). It's a credit card and a bank account. You can deposit an amount of money in it, withdraw it, or use it like a credit card. For me I'll utilise it like a credit card for Paypal purchases. Ngehehehe.

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