Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Seto no Hanayome

Just watched 1st episode of Seto no Hanayome. Very nice so far. It's about a boy who went to his granny's for summer vacation by the beach and got saved by a mermaid after he got drowned at sea. He was forced to marry the mermaid as the mermaid law states that mermaids who are seen by humans will be executed. Very very funny 1st episode, plenty to laugh at, especially the yakuza-style mermaid family and when the boy's parents are taken to see the parents of the mermaid. The father of the mermaid so damn funny also, not willing to let his daughter marry the boy then slash his knife all around, making a damn funny scene. Verdict? Need I say more? UBER NICE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! as of 1st episode...

Hayate the Combat Butler

Seen 1st episode of this anime too, nice so far too. Great OP theme, sang by none other than KOTOKO. Gotta love her. Story's about a guy(Hayate) who has worthless parents who spent out all the hard earned cash by him. Mum's a gambler addict, dad's a lazy bum who doesn't work at all. During Christmas, his parents gave him a Christmas present, a ¥150000000 loan borrowed from sharks and to be paid by him! Their parents decided to sell their child(lol) and Hayate runs away. Oh, did I mention Hayate has abnormal human strength? Apparently he was trained or something when he was young. That night he saw a girl in front of a vending machine, apparently a rich girl since she doesn't even know how to use the machine, and he decided to kidnap her. The girl got into trouble and Hayate rescued her, thus ruining the plan of kidnap. Then, with a very "odd kidnap request" which sounded like a love confession to the girl(and was successful in hitting the girl too), he "successfully" kidnaps her and telephones her guardian. Ruined everything here again, telling them his name even before anything was said(LOL). The girl was then taken away by some bad guys(ran into trouble again), and Hayate went to save her and ended up saving her but... damn funny at the end. You just gotta watch this too. Verdict? RECOMMENDED AND SATISFICATION GUARANTEED. as of 1st episode...

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