Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Season, another anime(s)

Yeap, the season of the sakura has arrived, and with it a new bulk of animes waiting to be "exploited" by me! Let's just start off with a recap of animes from Winter 2006. 1st of all, we can't mention Winter 2006 without Kanon 2006. It was, in my honest opinion, the best and the most groundbreaking anime in terms of getting your feelings involved in an anime. The artwork was top notch, the story barely changed from the original, but the experience of it enhanced and anyone who watched the original would watch the series all over again with this remake. Alongside Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, this has got to be the best anime of 2006. Others worth mentioning from Winter 2006 such as Tokimeki Memorial, which did surprisingly well for an old school type romance comedy, and the surprise of the bunch, Sumomo mo Momo mo, providing a unique comedic twist to your typical romance anime.

Now, the animes that i'm eyeing this Spring 2007(as of 2/4/2007):
1. sola
2. seto no hanayome(airing) by GONZO
3. hitohira(airing)
4. tengen toppa gurren lagann(airing)
5. hayate no gotoku(airing)
6. heroic age(airing)
7. kono aozora ni yakusoku wo
8. romeo x juliet by GONZO
9. kaze no stigma by GONZO

from the above list, i have no idea which one is highly anticipated of whatnot, but seto no hanayome and kaze no stigma certainly has my high hopes, since it's developed by GONZO, those behind famous animes like Vandread, Full Metal Panic series, and so on. sola and kono aozora ni yakusoku wo should be those types of animes with romance and such. romeo x juliet is an interesting one too, seeing the trailer attracted me to this one, giving a twist to this classical romance story. oh yeah, it's developed by GONZO too, so this is gonna be really interesting!!! Can't say much about Heroic Age right now, not much info about it but i can say it's quite tempting to watch! hayate no gotoku has quite beautiful artwork too, and hey, it's about romance comedy! it's bound to be good right? and it has rie tanaka(gundam seed/seed destiny) as one of the seiyuus!!!

this is gonna be one heck of a season... just hope my studies won't be affected by this(yeah right).

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