Friday, March 2, 2007

Sennheiser MX400

Finally got my long anticipated Sennheiser MX400 earbuds. Comes with a handy roll-in box for storing your earbuds. I'll have to say this is the best earbuds i have ever set my ears on. Even though it doesn't come with a noise cancelling bulk thing most high end earbuds come with, the noise cancelling effect is obvious. Even with minimum volume, i can't even hear the barking of my dog and the phone ringing beside me. Good buy for a good set of earphones, only RM60 plus shipping. Too bad the bass isn't as strong as my other Phillips earphones though. Though it's much much more comfortable to wear than Phillips.

Got my 4GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo too, shipped together with Hot Shots Golf Open Tee. It's really incredible that such a small piece of plastic holds 4GB of memory(3.75GB to be exact). It's the 1st time I've own a 4GB memory card of any kind, so i'm kinda excited. It's the same as any other Memory Stick, weighs the same, size looks the same(in fact the same) as my other 2GB MSPD, only holding twice as much memory. only RM200 plus shipping. dirt cheap. so cheap that i'm planning to get another one in the near future. =D

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