Friday, March 9, 2007

Another holiday, another anime(s)

Finally my mid-sem holidays are here. Besides forcing myself to finish my Maths homework within the week, I'm gonna finish up all my animes which i have left out while the CNY holidays are going on. As you all didn't know, i was terribly sick during CNY and i'm still feeling the effects right now. blocked nose, random nose bleeds, coughs, stuff like that. but still, animes are gonna be watched. it's now or never. or not until the mid year holidays.

let's see... anybody remember Vandread? i'm gonna finish both seasons within next week, 26 episodes total. i did watched a bit when it aired on AXN but didn't watch the 2nd season of it. i've already done 1st season last week, so that leaves 2nd season.

then i'm gonna finish Magikano, which is airing on Animax but i'm not really into watching animes with english dubbing, so i've exclusively requested the anime from my friend and gonna watch it next week. 13 episodes, no problem. kekeke.

tomorrow's my school's food fair(whatever). i'm going but not to the food fair(which is, FYI, organised by my school's prefectorial board) but to my PBSM meeting. planning to skip right after i got my attendance, that's what most people do right? right. hahaha.

gonna polish up my japanese language too. i've been missing out on revising my japanese language books and it's deteriorating. sigh.

aslo found tons of photos from my last year end trip to KL and haven't upload them here yet. try to upload them whenever i'm free or i feel like it. lol.

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