Monday, December 11, 2006

Life so far(and some NHKにようこそ)

ahh... finally the PC Fair is over. sold 8 toshiba laptops. not much, considering my partner sold over 18 laptops in the same amount of days. i cincai lah, since it's only a part time job, i tell myself got sell good liaw lah. got commission also lah. and the pay around RM100 per day, three days in total. so RM300+commission!!! wahaha i can get my supercard+flash my DS+2GB miniSD+new headphones!!! weee~~~

anyway my Winning Eleven DS arrived on Saturday... wahaha damn song. for football fan like me of course nice lah. hehehe.

leaving for KL on Wednesday. so after that won't be that much updates in this blog lor. nothing much happening right now lah. just goyang kaki waiting for wednesday to come, waiting for my supercard... XD

NHKにようこそ reached episode 23 this morning(月曜日の午前零時 to be exact). Misaki gave Satou his graduation test in this episode. after that Misaki gave Satou a final contract to be signed by Satou. guess what the content of the contract was? this(roughly translated from Japanese):

"Satou Tatsuhiro as A side, Nakahara Misaki as B side, signing a contract with the conditions below."
1. A will not hate B.
2. Which is said that if A falls in love with B.
3. Stay loyal to each other.
4. No matter until what time, both sides will never "change heart(stay loyal)".
5. Must stay by each other's sides when feeling lonely.
6. But B always feels lonely so that means A must always stay by B's side.
7. By doing so, life would go for the better.
8. When I(B) feel pain, I would disappear(or die).
9. Violation of this contract will result in a fine of 千万円.

Satou didn't sign the contract, as he felt it was too "feelingless and empty". and later in this episode Misaki's past was reveiled, her mother committed suicide in front of her by jumping off a cliff as she was constantly beaten by her husband. Misaki became secluded from the outside world(like Satou, a hikikomori) and moved to her relatives' house. here she saw Satou's room from her window and she told herself she found another person who has a worse life that she has, so she wanted to help Satou.

After the contract thing, Satou was left alone and he successfully got out of his hikikomori life by working as a traffic instructor at a contsruction site. In one scene Misaki said this while looking over to Satou's room from her window.
Which means she congratulated Satou for finally getting out of his hikikomori life.

Later on, while Satou was walking home from his work, he saw an ambulance headed for Misaki's house. he ran to her house and he saw Misaki unconcious and being pulled into the amubulance. the next day, he went to Misaki's house and bumped into her uncle, which is also Mita House's landlord(which explains how Misaki got Satou's information). he offered him a ride to the hospital which he accepted.

Upon reaching Misaki's room, they found out that Misaki wasn't in her room. Satou then saw a notebook on her bed and flipped inside. he saw a note that says something like this:
三日とろろ おいしゅうございました。 だから 皆さん さようなら。
not sure what "sannichi tororo" is, but the rest is like "sannichi tororo" was delicious. so everyone, good bye.

Satou, convinced that Misaki went back to her hometown to commit suicide(earlier Misaki said that how people who wanted to die always wished to go back to their hometown), went to the ATM for cash(while saying 俺は貧乏知ってるだろう?岬ちゃん! or You know i'm poor, Misaki!) and rushed on the train to Misaki's hometown.

Phew. What an episode. Of course, i can't wait for the next one, but the next one is the last episode... so i have to bid farewell to this great anime next week... T.T

oh well, life goes on... looking forward to watch 護くんに女神の祝福を! but chinese torrents damn little seeds... T.T

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