Monday, December 18, 2006

Hello from KL

wah it's been 7 days since i updated this blog. miss me? XD

right. sorry about the lack of updates recently. as you would have known(unless you're a total retard), i'm in KL right now. been busy shopping for stuffs that i've been wanting for ages, namely the supercard miniSD. now that i've finally got it, next thing should be a nice comfy pouch for my NDS. =D

let's see... that supercard costed me at least RM150, plus flashing DS RM40, miniSD 1GB costed me RM74. so totaling up to RM264. not bad actually. the pouch should cost me an extra RM70~, and i've been wanting to get a new set of headphones, which should be at least RM80~.

oh yeah, broadband in KL sucks even more than Kuching. why? bittorrent speeds never go beyond 30kb/s. KNNBCCB tmnet.

went to melaka last week, friday to sunday. very very nice place to go(and the shopping is tons better than the mediocre kuching). ate the famous cendol and chicken rice balls. wahliu. heaven!!! apparently Kenny Sia went to melaka recently too, so for more pics of melaka please visit his blog. =D

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