Monday, December 4, 2006


Misaki gone mad...
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岬ちゃん: 佐藤君もう私の虜だよね...


Satou accidentally meets with his former 先輩 or 院長 from school, so instead of finding Misaki-chan, they went eating and drinking together whereas Misaki-chan searched high and low for Satou. In the end Misaki-chan saw Satou and his 先輩 which is to her exiting a love hotel and Misaki-chan misunderstood it. Satou and Misaki-chan met at the train station soon after and Satou lied about where he went. In the counselling class the next night, Misaki-chan told him about what she saw and she went on blabbering about God being 悪い for showing that image of Satou and his 先輩 exiting the love hotel. So in the end at her own room Misaki-chan monologues about how successful her plan(to help Satou) will be(because she thinks Satou needs her) and this led to the above line... "Satou kun mou watashi no toriko da yo ne..." which means "Satou is already my slave". That sure shocked me.

This episode really really gets me confused now about the purpose of Misaki-chan's counselling classes with Satou. So must wait for next episode again for(hopefully) the climax!!! ironically named 岬にようこそ!

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