Sunday, December 3, 2006

Animes so far

If you are currently watching these animes and you have not reached the latest aired episodes in Japan yet, please refrain yourself from reading this post.

9 episodes into the anime, things are getting more and more serious. All the characters that should be in the anime are in the anime now. Makoto's sad love story with Yuuichi is about to come to an end. In the past few episodes prior to episode 9, Yuuichi found out that Makoto was the fox that he rescued and taken into care by him 7 years ago when he came to visit his cousin, Nayuki. But Yuuichi left the fox abruptly to go back to his own city, causing the fox to have a grudge on Yuuichi for leaving her so suddenly. 7 years later, the fox sacrificed her own life and memory so that she can meet with Yuuichi. All she faintly remembers is her grudge towards someone. And the name Makoto given by Yuuichi when he took her home in the earlier episodes was actually a girl that Yuuichi likes 7 years ago and he even talked about it with the fox 7 years ago(no wonder Makoto likes her name very much). Yeah, Makoto's head over heels in love with Yuuichi, which makes the sadness even more unbearable. Now Yuuichi found out the truth that Makoto would disappear after she had fulfilled her wish(which is finding Yuuichi). Makoto in episode 9 fell sick which is a sign telling that Makoto will disappear very soon. The next episode will be a tear-filled one and one of many tradegies in this 24-episode long anime.

NHKにようこそ!(Welcome to the NHK!)
Already at episode 21, this anime is close to the end. Last episode saw Yamazaki leaving Mita House permanently to go back to his hometown where his father fell sick and he had to take over the family farm. This leaves Satou alone at Mita House, thinking how alone he is without Yamazaki, which has always been right beside him during his hikikomori days. So many memories that they had made together in the past episodes, including the very funny episode about Satou, Misaki and Yamazaki which all fell for the member-get-member sales thingy(not sure how to call it). In episode 21, Misaki took Satou out to the city for training. Convinced that Satou has improved a lot since her counseling classes, Misaki wanted Satou to walk with the crowd so that he can get used to the crowd surrounding him. Instead, Satou got panicked when he was separated from Misaki and hid at a corner of a street. This is where he met with his former 院長 again. Next episode is named "神様にようこそ!" and i can't wait for it!!! Should be available for download tomorrow afternoon since it airs on early Monday mornings.

ときめきメモリアル ~only love~(Tokimeki Memorial ~only love~)
This is a very good anime by Konami(rare that Konami produces animes nowadays). Currently on episode 9, the relationship between Aoba and Kasuga were mended after previous episodes where Kasuga saw Aoba hanging out with Yayoi and Amamiya(obviously that made her jealous). Episode 9 saw Aoba and Kasuga went to the beach together, which Kasuga plans to spend time alone with Aoba. Instead, apparently almost everyone from school was at the beach that day. Aoba was kidnapped by his friends for coming to the beach with his girlfriend and leaving them alone. Kasuga found Aoba soon after and Kasuga desperately searches for an empty spot on the beach so that they can be together alone. Apparently almost all the beach was occupied by their school mates or their teachers(one funny scene where their maniac science teacher was searching for crabs as his experiment victim). At last they found an empty stretch of beach hidden away. But soon they found out that Amamiya's relatives were building a resort on that stretch of beach and Amamiya was coincidentally there to help out her relatives. Aoba soon turn his attention to Amamiya, to Kasuga's discontent. Trying to regain Aoba's attention, Kasuga faked that she was drowning and Aoba went to rescue her. But his friends suddenly ambushed him when he was rescueing Kasuga, and accidentally made Aoba drown. Yayoi, which was also coincidentally there, saved Aoba and tried to do CPR on Aoba when he did not regain consciousness. Seeing that Yayoi is almost kissing Aoba during the CPR, Kasuga ran away avoiding the heart breaking scene. Soon after, Aoba found Kasuga on a clifftop. Kasuga immediately apologised to Aoba for running away so abruptly and they went home together. In the end of the episode Aoba was dragged away again by the school baseball team which was doing training there. Nice episode for Kasuga fanboys, and i can see more development for Aoba and Kasuga in the future episodes. So can't wait for next episode!!!

すもももももも(Sumomo mo momo mo)
Okay, wierd title. I know. But the anime's really really really funny. I can't help but laugh when Momoko tries to get intimate with her fiancee, Koushi-dono(she always calls her like that, which I find really funny too). This is basically about an arranged marriage between Momoko and Koushi from two different martial arts factions. In order to master the ultimate technique of the family, Momoko has to marry and produce the strongest offspring. However Koushi is at all not interested in martial arts and he is weak. Despite Koushi's adamant refusal to marry her and his subsequent displays of cowardice, Momoko falls in love with him and swears to remain in his house and train with his father in order to become the strongest fiance ever. You get the picture right? Right. Currently on episode 9, I haven't watched the latest episode yet, just freshly downloaded from our friends from China.

Gift ~eternal rainbow~
This anime isn't really good to watch(plus the art a bit lousy), but I watched it anyway. Its storyline is almost similar to Da Capo, but instead of a magical sakura tree that never withers, now it's gifts that you give to someone in the form of anything. It's like magical gifts, anything can come true if you truly wished for it with your gift. I strongly urge you to watch Da Capo instead of this one. If you're still insisting on following this anime, most probably you've already watched Da Capo anyway, like me.

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