Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Windows Genuine Advantage

IS BULLSHIT. i had to format my whole C drive partition just to reinstall an older version of XP. once you installed a pirated copy of XP with this thingy, you'll be prompted to activate your XP or suffer the consequences. i suffered the consequences though. i got pirated copy of course lah. we malaysians where got so rich stuff money into Bill Gates's bank to buy a RM300+ genuine copy of XP leh? even apple doesn't need such absurd stuff.

meh. did a clean installation of XP. feels like a brand new PC. ain't that bad i think. thank god i did reserved an entire partition for my animes. if not, 35 gigs of anime would just disappear. well i did lose couple of things though. 10 gigs of music, 5 gigs of "various" videos, 3 gigs of pictures and some cheap games. sob sob. good bye my friends. you served me well. *salutes*

had a test on SHM(Simple Harmonic Motion) and Oscillations today. did pretty terribly. before i snatched my friend's paper to copy the answers. hehe. the wonders of cheating. if want to cheat, cheat openly and professionally, like me. =D

tomorrow i still have test on solids, liquids and gases in chemistry. sounds simple right? it is pretty darn simple. kindy stuff. so no need study lah. if dunno how to do then cheat again lah. ahh the wonders of cheating again. XD

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