Saturday, August 26, 2006


wahahaha... guess what... i finished 6 animes in 6 days. wow. it's incredible that i still survive that kind of suffering(though not suffered anything at all). the animes i have finished are so:

1st of all is samurai champloo. i think i did a recommendation on this one last time. moving on.

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2nd is ginban kaleidoscope. damn this is a hard one to type. try typing "kaleidoscope" without making a mistake. lol. the japanese would be もっと易しい to type lah. 銀盤カレイドスコプ。this one i also recommend lah. it's kinda unique anime storywise(romance sorta), gotta taste it to know it.

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3rd is karin. vampire themed anime, though ぜんぜん怖くない。it's a comedic romance kinda thing lah. funny, nice to watch if wanna relax from *ahem*narutards*ahem*. fortunately i'm not a *ahem*narutard*ahem*.

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next is fate/stay night. funny name for such a すばらしい anime. very very good anime. love this one. this one must have in your list of animes to buy(or leech XD).

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last but not least, there's da capo. the 1st season, 26 episodes and 2nd season, also 26 episodes. both seasons are... nice and unique in a way. the 1st one is kinda bittersweet whereas the second one would be more relaxed. personally, to fully enjoy this anime, both seasons are highly recommended. i just finished this one... =D

next one i will be watching should be mahou sensei negima. i heard it's kinda ecchi... XD suits me...!

えと。。。now i have only... 8 unwatched animes... gargggg... there's love hina, speed grapher, last exile, rozen maiden, rozen maiden traumend, mahou sensei negima, tenjou tenge, green green, and adding another one girls bravo, NINE...

i wonder why i love romance animes so much. must be my failure in romance contributing. to all those who are failures in romance, never get addicted in animes. or else end up like me. don't say i didn't warned you...!

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