Sunday, August 27, 2006

Animes that has carved a deep impression in me

Trust me, this is not a very easy thing to type out. As you all should know, I have watched a lot and I mean A LOT of animes. Most are so so animes, but there’s a particular bunch of animes that really went deep into me and have me thinking over them over and over again. These are two perfectly good examples of them.

One of them is Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, or 君が望む永遠。A very typical romance anime at 1st glance, but brings a much much deeper meaning. This story is about the romance of a very ordinary pair of person. The anime starts off with the main female character confessing to the main male character, and their relationship began from there. But tragedy struck when the girl was involved in an accident and went into a deep coma. Heartbroken, the boyfriend thought everything was his fault because he was late for his date with her on that day. Ignoring everything surrounding him, he kept himself inside his own room since then. A girl who has always liked him before stayed by his side, caring for him after the trauma he suffered. Eventually the two of them fell in love and began a relationship, ignoring the girl who was in deep coma. But one day, the girl in coma suddenly awakens, two years after the accident happened. A lot has happened during the period of her coma, and she herself didn’t realize that two years had passed. The story moves on from this, focusing on the aftermath of the awakening of the girl from coma. The girl still loves the boy, unknowing of his new relationship. Feeling regretful, the boy takes care of the girl, while slowly hurting the girl without her knowing it. A very bittersweet romance story.

Moving on, there’s Da Capo. I just finished this one recently, and I am absolutely in love with it. The story is about Jyunichi Asakura and his not-blood-related sister, Nemu Asakura. Both of them fell in love with each other, and had started a relationship after they had realized their feelings for each other. This was after the return of Jyunichi’s cousin, Sakura Yoshino. Sakura was also in love with Jyunichi, and had return to unite with him. Here I have to emphasize on the setting of the anime, which is 初音島(hatsunejima). It is a legendary island where the sakura will never die and will always stay in full bloom. This is because of the magical sakura tree that Sakura and Jyunichi’s grandmother had planted a long time ago. The magical sakura tree grants wishes to all the islanders, causing magical things to happen to those who wished for them. The sakura tree was intended to protect Sakura from harm, and when Sakura had learnt of the relationship of Jyunichi and Nemu, deep in her heart she wanted to tear them apart. The tree granted her wish, causing Nemu to fall into an unknown sickness. Sakura realized the danger Nemu was in, so she destroyed the magical sakura tree once and for all. This all was happened in the 1st season. At the start of the 2nd season, two years had passed since Sakura destroyed the magical sakura tree. All the sakura trees on the island returned to normal sakura trees. Everything is as before, with a few exceptions. Sakura has gone back to America, Nemu has gone to medical college to become a nurse. Jyunichi is now taken care by Shirakawa Kotori, a girl from the 1st season who also is in love with Jyunichi. Jyunichi is still shaken with the absence of Nemu who suddenly left the island without much notice. Two years had passed since Nemu and Sakura left, a mysterious girl appeared on the island. She finds Jyunichi, and tells him that she is finding an old woman by the name of Grandmother Yoshino, Jyunichi and Sakura’s grandmother. The girl was shocked when she found out from Jyunichi that she was dead. The girl intended to find Jyunichi’s grandmother so that she can learn magic. Thinking that Jyunichi is also a powerful wizard, she begs him to teach her magic. Jyunichi who can only do one magic, which is creating Japanese sweets, told her the truth. Ignoring Jyunichi, she stays in his house and begs for him everyday to teach her magic. I can go on with this, but it’s best I stop here(hands tired from typing). All I can say is after this everything gets really exciting and there’s a lot of twists in the story, which makes this anime really really interesting and lovable. Oh yeah, there are a lot of interesting characters in the anime, but I focused only on the main ones(cause they’re my favourites).

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