Sunday, July 2, 2006

quarter final

i didn't stay up to watch the last two matches. but damn, what a quarter final to miss. brazil knocked out by the french!!! a totally unpredictable thing happened. and england disappointingly sent home by portugal. well, i didn't have high hopes for england this time around anyway. what an incredible lineup for the semis. 1st up is germany vs italy, then portugal vs france. this is what the world cup is all about!!! i have to admit i underestimated germany in their argentina match. i was supporting argentina so yeah, it's kinda disappointing. italy, well, a super easy win for them against ukraine. england, knocked out by portugal through the dreaded penalty shootout. and france, kicking out brazil in the ass. hell yeah, the real world cup is BACK!!!

p.s. did i tell you guys i went to sematan yesterday? wahaha damn fun... i'll post pics tomorrow.

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