Saturday, June 10, 2006

Match Day 2 preview

it seems that everyone waiting for match day two are just focusing on the england vs. paraguay match which starts at 9pm local time. there's a bigger match kicking off at 3am tomorrow morning, which features argentina vs. ivory coast. both matches are significantly important but i'd say the argentina match is more worthy to watch. argentina is the clear favourite to win that one but ivory coast could just force out a result from this one. i could see that this match is going to be extremely tight. maybe a 3-2 win for argentina. between england and paraguay, if roque santa cruz is going to start for paraguay, things are going to be tough for england. but i'd have to say a win for england, not a very comfortable one though. 1-0 for england. the other match that's going to kick off at 12am is between trinidad & tobago and sweden. definitely an easy win for sweden. 2-0 at least for sweden. well, i hope i get my previews and predictions right. my friends are following my advice for bets! i get some commission if they win. hehe. see you all later for the post match highlights!

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