Wednesday, May 24, 2006


exhausted to death these couple of days. nothing particularly hard about form 6 until now, since most of the subjects are still on the 1st chapter. my class hasn't started chemistry yet, and i heard the 1st chapter was quite hard, so yeah, bring it on... oh yeah, i havn't even mentioned what class i am assigned to in here. it's L6S4, Lower 6 Science 4. no, it's the last class not because we are academically poor, heck, we have the top student of kuching high in our class! so yeah, don't look down on us, L6S1, L6S2 and especially you, L6S3.

till this point, i have to say my favourite subjects are physics and pengajian am. physics is, well, unlike biology, not boring. everything involves mathematics. i like it when physics makes my brain work hard. biology just makes my brain rot by stuffing in shit that i care less about. pengajian am, of course, every form 6's favourite subject. why? damn it we use colour pencils to draw colourful graphs. that makes me feel like a kindergarten kid again. which is good, i suppose. it makes me relaxed by thinking i'm doing something fairly easy. which in reality, it really is damn easy.

my favourite teacher till now is... very tough decision, but i'll have to go with my Maths T teacher. i always get what she teaches and well, i just like the way she teaches. she always makes sure that everyone gets what she says and yeah, homework is very rare. well, for the moment anyway.

at home, i started watching BECK today. beck or mongolian chop squad or whatever, is about a boy and a rock band and a girl etc etc. i just started watching so that's all i know lah. at first i started to watch GTO but damn it it seems i downloaded the DUBBED version, not the subbed version. man, i really hate those dubbed animes. the way they voice act sounds so stupid and awkward. no skill unlike japanese people.

feeling really really lazy nowadays. don't know why. but when it comes to homework, i always do. i feel so awkward now for being so attentive to my homework, when in form 5 i usually do in class. i guess form 6 really is different, after all. i stepped up a gear without realizing it, i guess. cool. your going down, top student of kuching high! wahahahaha...

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