Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Samsung D600

i've been using it for like, 6 months now, and i'm beginning to have the thought of changing to a new one. i know, i know, some of you might have changed phones after waiting for an eternity, but damn, i just can't help it. the thought just comes to me when i'm using my phone. if i have the sufficient amount to change my phone, 4 phones come in my mind.

at the top of my list, the Sony Ericsson W850. it's hot. really really hot. hotter than the tip of my ass sitting on a stuffy chair. it's a slider, from what i have heard and seen. i love sliders. who doesn't?
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damn hot.

2nd in my list, the Sony Ericsson W710. okay, it's a clamshell. but damn, look at the size of that front screen display! that makes the phone looks so... so... gahh, take a look for yourself.
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after that, it's the Sony Ericsson W810. it's the more beautiful version of the eyesore W800, and the navigational buttons have completely changed. damn it looks so hot in black, too. expect the almost similar specs as the W800 though.
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if i would happen to use ANOTHER freaking slider from samsung, this has to be it. this is THE slider from samsung, the samsung e900. it's hawt, and i mean it. i haven't really seen the UI yet, but it's getting quite a response from the cellular phone world. it's damn thin and light. measuring at 30mm x 40mm and weighing at 93g.
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looks a lot better than my D600, that's for sure.

for those of you planning to change your phone, these are the ones to get, definitely. as i am not very fond of nokia, i advise you all not to get a nokia. they're phones are just too bland. get SEs or Samsungs instead. they WAY WAY hawtter. you should know that by now.

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