Friday, May 5, 2006

my other hobby

well, i don't know you call this a hobby, but i do waste my time doing this. reading manga online. you know one of those days when you have finished all the latest episodes of the animes you are watching and the next episodes are still not available yet? well, when this happens to me, i would usually head on online to read old and new mangas. currently i'm reading a pretty old manga, 3 years old i think, named GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka. i'm very sure every one of you have either heard or watched the live action version of GTO. i did watched a bit of it, but it's totally different from the manga. the manga is a whole lot more funny than the real action GTO, and there's an anime based on the manga, which is also better than the real action version. it is really really funny and there's a lot of adult humour in it(you know what i mean). if you're interested, go on here to view the manga. a high speed connection is recommended though. the pictures do take time to load, so be patient. there are other mangas at that website too, search them out if you're interested. oh yeah, if you can't read chinese, don't even think of going there. all chinese.

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GTO Great Teacher Onizuka

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