Monday, May 8, 2006

1 more week damn it

1 more week. damn. how fast can time be at this moment. now, for me, an hour feels like a minute. a day feels like an hour. sigh. sad. so sad.

a recap of what i have done since the beginning of the year. hmm. funny, i can't remember anything before april. must be the animes again. currently i have around 10.39 gigabytes of anime downloading in progress. i intend to buy the DVD of the anime, which costs around RM120(ori lah) for 50 total episodes. but, since i'm so damn poor that i couldn't even reload my phone credit, i have to resolve to downloading it through bittorrent. ahh, the melancholy of a poor, single and oversized guy.

though i'm pretty certain that i'll end up in st thomas on may 15th, i have to wait until wednesday(i think) to know exactly where i end up. it's so troublesome and utter nonsense that i can only know what school that i'm going to four days before the start of form 6. oh well, that's malaysia's government for you. yeah, we're famous for it.

oh yeah, does anybody have spare DVD-Rs to give away? i'm short of it and my hard disk is gonna explode if i don't move any of my animes out of there. CD-Rs are also acceptable, but in larger amounts. i'm poor but i can pay you back another time, provided you and me still remember of it, of course. thanks for your generosity.

P.S. i seriously doubt i have generous friends, no hard feelings. XD

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