Sunday, April 9, 2006


today i'm super free. no more BT downloads for the moment. that means my speed is back to full throttle. wee~~~ nothing much happened today, i didn't sleep yesterday night as usual but slept at 10 in the morning today. slept till 6pm in the evening. went straight out with friends after that. went to bing! for a drink at around 8pm, sat there and chat with friends, "bio" sui cha bo until around 10.30pm. then went to snookerium to play a bit of snooker after that. damn cigarette smell so strong in there, i almost fainted. played two rounds with my friends, lost both. the cigarette smoke must have ruined my concentration. after that, stomach hungry so went to McD, ate burger and fries, returned home at exactly 12am just now. tomorrow at 7am i'm gonna depart to K.K. i feel that i won't be sleeping now, maybe in the car. from kuching to sibu, about 5 hours drive. then kuching to miri, 2 hours. 7+5+2=14, so hypothetically i should arrive at miri for one day stop at around 2-3pm in the afternoon. or maybe we'll go straight on to brunei for a one day stop. the next day we'll drive to limbang, should take 2 hours, then straight to K.K., around 5 hours. it's gonna be a very tiring road trip. but i'm sure it'll be fun. yeah. sitting in a car for 5+2+2+5=14 hours is fun. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!
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follow the red road... that's a VERY long journey...

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brunei, land of... nothingness.

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sabah! =D

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