Saturday, April 29, 2006


after three days of internetlessness, i'm finally back. first of all, my telephone line socket loosened, causing my phone line continuously popping out during connection. fixed liao. after that, lightning burnt my router to a crisp. no kidding, it was smoking and freaking hot. burnt my hand in progress of investigation there. after that, well, nothing much happened after that. then yesterday i koreked RM200+ to buy a brand new router. fuck. but worth it though. connection's up and faster than ever. well in my case anyway. now i can easily reach 100kbps in a normal http download but sadly my torrents have yet to reach that kind of speed.

currently i'm enjoying a thing called "internet radio". i'm tuned in to 24 hours of non stop anime music and it's great, really. if you're interested please go to oh yeah, please don't torture youself and try it if you have 56k connection. STRICTLY broadband only. by broadband i mean 1mbps and above broadband. even my 1mbps broadband gets laggy when i do surfing while tuning in. tmnet streamyx wah. what to do? that's all for now lah. i'm going watch football lerrr. ja, matta ne.

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