Tuesday, March 28, 2006

honey and clover

finally finished all 24 episodes of honey and clover. turns out that this anime is a lot lot better than i have expected. in fact, it's probably the best anime that i have ever watched! this anime is about 3 friends who are living in the same house together and goes to the same college. the three guys are takemoto yuuta, mayama takumi and morita shinobu. the whole story follows these character's life stories as college students, as well as their love lives in college. one day, Teacher Hanamoto introduces them his cousin’s daughter, Hagumi. She is little and so cute that Takemoto and Morita fall in love at the first sight. They begin to make approach to her. While Takemoto cannot express his love very well, Morita’s expression is too euphemistic to understand. Interlacing their emotions, time passes without noticing their love. On the other hand, Mayama loves Rika. She is an architect designer, and she still loves her husband died in a traffic accident. Mayama’s love toward Rika is getting bigger although he notices that a classmate, Yamada Ayumi, loves him. yes, this anime is mainly focused on love, but strong elements on friendship is also focused in this anime. this is another finely made anime that has a very strong storyline and nice animation. i have to admit, this anime has to be the anime of 2005 and for the years to come, surely this anime is hard to forget.
okay. screenies time.
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(From left)Ayumi, takemoto's grey hair, hagumi, morita

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Hanamoto sensei

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(From left)takemoto, mayama

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(From left)ayumi, hagumi

okay. that's all for today lah. i'm kinda tired already since it's 3:22am now. but still, i have Kannaduki no Miko to watch! haha. ja matta ne~

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