Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Higashi no Eden

higashi no eden

This has got to be one of the candidates for the best anime of the year. Heck, with Oasis(yes, THE Oasis) singing the opening theme and a nice ending theme to boot, not to mention the animation is top notch, so there’s no doubt at all.

Pretty strong line-up this season, but I’ve only watched K-On! and this and I’m also downloading like 11 other new titles so far, so maybe it’s still too early to judge, though I’ve heard bad news about Tears to Tiara and Valkyria Chronicles. But of course, now I know what anime I shouldn’t miss out at all this season.

Oh right, I haven’t even finished watching half the animes I re-downloaded for the last season. And with torrents running at satisfactory speeds here, the list is going to add up pretty soon…

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