Saturday, March 28, 2009



After doing a boo-boo with installation of Ubuntu (never doing that again) which caused my Vista’s partition to go bonkers, I’ve decided to delete every single partition on my hard drive and do a clean installation of Windows 7 Build 7057.

Headache because 50 gigs worth of anime is gone. 4 gigs of right-click-save images and wallpapers are gone. My whole music collection, 15 gigs worth, gone. Forever.

Oh, my 1st sem notes are gone too. An advanced apologies to my direct-junior-to-be, whoever you are.

Owh well, time to re-download every single anime I have download this Winter 09 season. Might bother about the music later, after I moved out and subscribed a 4Mbit line. Check out the lists. ==

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