Friday, October 24, 2008

Study week = study

Study week next week = study study study. But for now, *evil grin*.

Golf is a bitch. I never really grapsed the true technique of hitting the perfect shot, although it flew most of the time. The ball tends to swirve to the right in my case. There's this evaluation as well tomorrow morning, and five hits for 70 marks. I might get three, but I've been inconsistent all this while so who knows.

I never really liked computer programming as well. Still never really got the idea of what I was studying all this while in class. And when it comes to assignments, it's CTRL + C and CTRL + V that I have mastered perfectly.

Engineering Maths and Material Science. Same old same old. At least I know what I am doing in both of these classes. The only worthless subject that I despise the most, and I don't even have the textbook for it, is Islamic and South Asian Civilization. Thank goodness for past year questions.

There's still two days before next week starts. Anime and manga marathon~

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