Friday, August 29, 2008

Random rant/sulk post

Kawaii illustration of Ranka-chan before you bear with my rants and sulks.

Don't ask me where I got this. ^^

Okay, finally a proper update for those of you who saw stars for my previous few posts featuring some Japanese anime songs that you probably won't listen to. Here's a reward post for you for your patience(?). Sorta.

I don't get to update my blog that often anymore nowadays. The internet connection I'm having in my room is getting really really absurd. 1st there's the insane download speeds. Oh yeah, it's still there. But now there's a catch: insanely slow web surfing speed. Patience is virtue but I'm really fuming when it comes to reading anime on my room's internet line. I probably have to refresh the page five times before I can get rid of the "network timed out" bullsheet. Fast download speeds are good, but when you can't even reach the downloading webpage, your sanity probably would run out soon enough. Good news is that there's a new wireless package by Jaring which I tried, pretty decent. Download speeds can reach to around 200KB/s. RM90 per year for the subscription(which is dirt dirt cheap), I just hope there's no capping on that. And I sure hope I can stay in this dorm for two whole sems for that.

My engineering maths mid-term exam just went down the drain. I still don't get the vector space thingy. I flopped the matrices part. I'm not even sure my complex numbers part would hold me up to the passing mark or not. Die die die for sure. Material science exam coming up next Tuesday, should be not much of a problem.

I have probably been spending a wee bit too much during the past two months I've been here. Sadly I haven't been tracking my spending up till now(and the total might be really unimaginable), but as far as I know, I will be spending another RM170 for a new set of earbuds probably early next month and *hopefully* I can still survive. I'm still collecting anime figures up till now, just spent RM300+ on two figures just last month, and next month I probably will spend another ~RM380 for two more figures. That doesn't sound good, does it. The figures might really have to wait if I really can't afford to spend more, so yeah, Kevin, need you to help me clean the dust off my figures boxes for a month or two yahh. ^^;;;

I seriously need a new camera and a decent mobile phone. But considering the way I'm leaking money from my wallet, probably won't be able to afford anyway. Now I know, most Motorola phones become shit after 1 year. =(

That's all for now. Probably won't have a lot of rant/sulk posts here, so no worries everyone. Wait till I get a new camera ok. ^^

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