Saturday, August 9, 2008


After UM, now it's UKM's turn to turn up the heat and volume for its 38th edition of the annual convocation. My mistake for saying that the UKM's convo was kinda cold, now I can really feel the atmosphere.

But still, the "semangat kekolejan" or "college spirit" ain't as strong as that of UM. I haven't heard about any plans for our college's chinese community to go to the convo and celebrate with our college's graduates like what UM had last week. Or maybe because our college is a PALAPES college and thus there's not even one chinese graduate who survived living three/four years here. But then again the chinese communities in other colleges aren't doing anything as well.

I did plan to enter the ArtisUKMa or the UKM choir group, but instead I missed the audition and now I'm really grateful I didn't enter. They had constant choir practice during these few weeks and from what I've heard, they had to practice around 13 songs in less than two or three weeks to sing during the convocation. I might be a school representative during my Kuching High days but that's a bit too over liao. ^^;;

Chaos in UKM the whole day expected during the convocation. Traffic was awful as everyone was scrambling around to find a place to park, good thing I didn't drive.

I'm really curious about the other universities' convocations, especially UNIMAS's. Anyone reading my blog from UNIMAS?

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