Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life at UKM so far

Haven't had the proper time(and proper connection) to blog about my life at UKM so far.

So now, with a decent line and a cup of Nescafe in my hand, here I present to you my brief story at UKM so far.

I enrolled in UKM on the 29th June last month, exactly. My college(or dorm) of selection(or was selected) is Kolej Tun Hussein Onn, or more passionately KTHO, famous for it being a PALAPES(army reserves) dorm. Those army guys are really friendly though, I kid you not. Food at my dorm is among the cheapest in the whole campus, but seriously, the food is not that good. They cook the food like there's an unlimited amount of GREEN chilies laying around. Even people like me who is used to spicy food can't stand the food here. On the bright side, the food at my faculty is tons better, and the price is still quite cheap. Their Roti Canai can beat any Kuching mamak stalls ones any time. The college mates that I have met so far are mostly friendly, approachable. Quite a few Sarawakians and Sabahans as well, good signs. Sniped for girls as well during the 1st week, locking on a Johorian girl in the same faculty as me, doing chemical engineering. Good signs indeed.

So, after the 1st week of scrutiny and the 1 whole week of fatigue cummulated, I ended up sleeping off my 1st weekend in university.

2nd week kicked off my studying life at UKM, or more specifically at the Civil Engineering Department(JKAS) of the Faculty of Engineering(FKEJ), UKM. The 2nd week was all in all, awful. We were ordered by our seniors to do really absurd stuffs, and ended up learning nothing at all. 2nd week was pretty uneventful, really. Boring, compared to the 1st week. But the boredom was compensated when I went out with some friends to KL during the 2nd weekend. Ended up spending around RM800+ on some instinctive buying(NOT REGRETTING YET!).

3rd week was more of a transition week for me, going from relax mode to more of a study mode. All the subjects have started teaching by now, and seriousness began creeping in all of the students. 3rd weekend saw me following a Buddhist fellowship to a seaside camp, met lots of seniors and made lots of friends.

4th week, nothing much happened as well, except for the faculty night which costs a bomb to go but fortunate I am lucky enough to avoid thanks to my family coming over early next month. The others in my course are practicing a sketch for the fac night, they will be competing with the three other departments during the night itself. There's also a fac king and queen pageant. All in all, a forgettable event I am predicting. ^^;;

Went out again last weekend, went to Bukit Bintang area. Ended up watching a movie at Pavillion and barely caught the last train home(11.55PM). Great experience. Oh, FYI, UKM is around one hour by train from KL Sentral, and if you are unlucky enough, get prepared to be squished like sardines in a can during peak hours.

That pretty much summed up my 1st month at UKM. Fun so far, more fun to come! No class tomorrow(Wednesday), but need to sleep after wearing myself out doing my lab report. For those who are in KL, feel free to contact me during Wednesdays and weekends, go out yum char. ^^

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