Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amazon Shipment June 2008

Shipment from Amazon Japan for my July magazines. Battered as always, the poor box.

Megami Magazine July 2008, featuring Kara no Kyoukai on the cover. Haven't seen the 1st movie yet, some say it's kinda confusing? Attached delicious double sided B2 poster of Zero no Tsukaima charas and Ikkitousen Great Guardians inside.

Comptiq July 2008, featuring Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai. Kinda bare, this month's issue.

Dengeki G's July 2008, featuring a character from Little Busters: Ecstacy. Type Moon freebies are very common nowadays.

Best for last! Newtype July 2008. The cover is probably the main reason I bought this issue. Liked what I saw in the June issue as well so that might've helped. You probably have seen the cover somewhere else. :)

Stopped buying Comp Ace. I had no time to read all the mangas in the June issue so I just dropped it, maybe will pick it back up in the future.

Just a curious question. Anybody wondered why Japanese magazines always had their months forwarded one month ahead? Like for June they release as July issue etc.

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