Sunday, May 18, 2008

Penang trip Part 1

I have decided to divide my Penang trip into two posts, the 1st one being my trips to Bukit Bendera, all the temples on Penang, and some random shots. Part 2 will be dedicated to my trip to the Penang Butterfly Farm plus some random shots of KL skyline taken from Kinokuniya@KLCC(yeah, that's basically the only place I went to in KLCC) in case you got bored of the butterflies. ;)

This is the 1st time I've experienced Penang from street level, and I'm quite surprised that Penang has a lot in common with Kuching, except for the Cantonese influences, and with Penang located in West Malaysia, the intense development is very obvious. I found myself comfortably speaking out my vague Kuching hokkien with the locals there and it was a really nice feeling. Did I mention the food and drinks there are way way cheaper than ours here in Kuching? Iced Milo for RM1.30 is total overkill compared to RM1.80 here. And I can have decent Hokkien Mee for RM2.50!!!

To be honest I missed out quite a bit of Penang since I'm only there for 2 days, especially the town areas. I did went to Batu Ferringhi but didn't took any pictures as the beaches aren't that pretty anyways and it was cloudy. Overall I enjoyed my trip to Penang, met with a new friend which provided me and my friends accomodations and the tour guides, felt really as if I'm at home there.

All shots taken with Canon IXUS 40.

Supposed to be a footprint of Admiral Cheng Ho.

Some boats outside the temple with Cheng Ho's footprint.

Famous snake temple of Penang, though not many snakes come by anymore nowadays.

Forgot what's the name of this temple already, but it's really huge and has really beautiful architecture.

Inside the *forgot the name* temple. The ceiling is really pretty, but my cam failed to capture the beauty, instead captured my friend with specs there. ^^;;

Lots and lots of turtles.

LOTS and LOTS of turtles.

Kuan Yin statue U/C. Really colossal in terms of size.

Going up the tram to Bukit Bendera. Stuffy like hell inside.

Random shot from tram.

Another tram passing by ours.

Shot of Penang Bridge from top of Bukit Bendera.

KOMTAR and town centre.

Gurney drive, haven for hawker foods.

Gurney Plaza.

The Sleeping Buddha.

Thai temple which holds the Sleeping Buddha.

Burmese temple just opposite the Thai temple.

Part 2 coming up soon!

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