Sunday, May 25, 2008

My battlestation

Lost a bit of inspiration to blog nowadays, in a period of lost transition(psycho-ly) between my carefree life now and my up-and-coming university life. Have also been refraining myself from blogging Kanokon(not easy if addicted) and kinda lost a little bit of appetite towards animes. I haven't even watched episode 7 of Kanokon, yet(*gasp*).

Here's where I spend most of my carefree time, pointlessly surfing the web or firing up at CS:Source or PES2008. All photos taken with Canon IXUS 40.

Tsuruya-san beside the table lamp for motivation.

Aisaka Taiga for that instant boost of energy(or because she's the shortest figure I have that I can place her in front of the monitor without blocking the view).

And of course Kureha accompanying my router and CPU for extra boost of performance.

There's much room for improvements, but I'm content with my setup. Kureha seems a bit lonely there though. Might take down my figma Haruhi when I'm familiar with making poses. Moetan figure wallpaper hijacked from don't own one, much to my disappointment T.T).

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