Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chizuru, Stalking Mode



Finally some serious scenes on the 5th episode of Kanokon, featuring Nozomi's older brother(whats-his-name) and some mysterious duo at the end of this episode. Nozomi's brother magically installed a bracelet onto ShoutaKouta-kun's hand which inflicts pain on himself when he's thinking something ecchi. ChichiruChizuru, trying not to hurt Kouta-kun, and after getting threats from Nozomi's brother that Kouta-kun will die if she does something ecchi to Kouta-kun, distanced herself from Kouta-kun and turns on stalker mode(literally). She gets more and more impatient(while it's really only two days they've not seen each other), which made Chizuru's younger brother(whats-his-name-again) worried. He gets help from the Student Council to challenge Nozomi's brother, but to no avail. Chizuru arrives at the fight scene to confront him but was also defeated. Nozomi noticed her brother's victory howl(both of them are wolves BTW), and informed Kouta-kun about it. Kouta-kun seems to be some kind of psychic as he too feels that something is not right. Both of them arrived at the scene and everyone was on the ground, defeated and battered badly. Chizuru(naked down there LOL) and Kouta-kun then fused together through a kiss which is probably the only way to defeat Nozomi's brother. He was defeated of course, with just ONE HIT(NOOB). He admitted defeat, and destroys the bracelet on Kouta-kun's hand. He then leaves the city much to Chizuru's delight, to only confront two mysterious person which I feel will play a significant part later on, perhaps.

Best scenes of Episode 5!!! You've probably known by now - best scenes are usually ecchi scenes, so no excuses!!!

Mmm sexy lips me likey.

Pink pantsu(panties) saikou(best) desu(desu?).

Screencaps: I'll use my eyes(boobs) to heal him(Kouta-kun)~ + ero-ish tone.
Learn to say this in Japanese!
Chizuru no oppai de Kouta-kun wo naoshite ageru~

Stalker mode + Desperate Chizuru

This scene is FTW. Minus the conveniently placed strain of hair.

I was expecting a close-up around here. Darn.

Note to self:
Really have to stop making mistakes on Chichiru and Shouta-kun's name. Ah gawd there I go again. And really have to remember all the side chara's name - especially boys.

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