Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in Time

I'm blogging from outstation(my room) through my newly installed home WI-FI network. Slower than I had expected, my speeds maxed out at around 80KB/s, and its pretty much like a roller coaster ride. My 5-year-old laptop is also giving me a ton of headaches.

1st of all:

I don't know what that is that's having a temperature of 96 and 94 degrees celcius respectively, but my laptop still works fine. Wierd stuff. Any idea what's causing this, Creax?

Here's my processor model, pretty ancient. 90nm technology! And my integrated graphics accelerator(my, do they still use that term?) for the laptop is 130nm technology. But this old man still does what it can do - surf the web and watch standard definition videos. My recent animes are mostly in 720p(exception with Macross Frontier, 1080p), which this laptop won't handle very well(heck, it can't even handle .mkv files properly).

Pretty fun surfing the web from the comfort of my own room(my desktop is in my study room on the ground floor). Down side is that you can't possibly sleep early like this(5am now).

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