Monday, April 7, 2008


Probably a NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK(NSFW) post.


1st it was Rosario & Vampire, now fanserviced anime has taken to a whole new level through Kanokon. In my point of view, I seriously thought that Kanokon is nearing the fine line that borders conventional fanserviced anime and good ol' hentai anime. I mean, the 1st episode is already this sexually supercharged, it puts Rosario and ToLoveる(which recently started airing) to shame. There's the ridiculously large oppai bounces, those colourful panchira flashes, the ridiculous yet strangely arousing kisses(which is totally new in my anime context), and finally, there's the strange combination of a bishoujo and a fox. If it isn't for the artwork which is pretty smooth and clean, there's virtually no reason you should watch this anime(unless you're just curious like me).

But still, this is a story driven anime, not just about full load of fanservice. Apparently the fox bishoujo(Minamoto Chizuru) is in love with the shota boy(same meaning as loli, for boys) Kouta, and isn't afraid of one bit to express herself in any way. But being a fox, she is forbidden to have a relationship with a human. Her brother is against her, and believes that humans and them are not supposed to mingle around freely. Can't tell you much more than that, most of the time the fanservice really gets into me.

If you're a healthy and straight man(ie ME), this is a suitable anime for you. Girls should obviously stay away from this one. Some pictures for your judging.

Thanks Random Curiosity for the pics.

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