Monday, March 24, 2008

Windows Vista SP1

It was nothing short of nerve wrecking, but I've finally done it!!!

I am officially loaded with ACTIVATED Vista SP1!!! Why nerve wrecking you ask? What's so great or incredible about installing a mere service pack you ask? Well, unless you have done it yourself, you'll never experience the tenseness of awaiting the success of the final part of installation, which involves the Command Prompt(you know now right?). Service Pack 1 is, like they say, an improvement over the original Vista. Almost everything is quicker, folder browsing is faster, thumbnails load faster, etc.

*added* Notice the 4GB RAM that I have there? Not to show off lah. Previously was showing 3.5GB leh. Count that as improvement also?

Anyone having a "hard time" installing SP1? Don't hesitate to ask me ehh... XD

Credits to Creax for the tips and CARAMELLDANSEN SPEEDYCAKE REMIX by Hatsune Miku for calming me down throughout the whole installation progress. Thanks for the song, Justin!

CARAMELLDANSEN DANCE!!! ウーウーウワーウワ~ ウーウーウワーウワ~

Boy, am I happy or what.

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