Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Biggest Order Yet

Come 2nd week of April, my new Maybank debit card will be put to good use for the very 1st time. Debut with a big big bang. But if it still doesn't work(Maybank debit card having issues with online usage, overseas transactions), still have my Public Bank Visa Electron card which works like a charm anywhere. Will be a debut purchase for either one of the cards.

Damage report & evaluation:

1. 電撃萌王 April 2008 issue (¥933)
1st time trying Dengeki Moeou. Actually just really really wanna get that "Otona no Calendar" that's included with this issue. XD

2. とらドラ! 単行本 Vol.1 (¥570)
Wanted this for long time already. Toradora! comic volume 1, serialised in Dengeki Maou.

3. コンプH's May 2008 issue (¥743)
Tempted to try, so there. Looks like Lucky Star material, maybe won't make it to monthly dosage next time.

4. Megami Magazine May 2008 issue (¥800)
Nothing special here, monthly dosage.

5. コンプエース May 2008 issue (¥686)
Try try and see see. If good then become monthly dosage.

6. コンプティーク May 2008 issue (¥838)
Monthly dosage.

7. 電撃G's magazine May 2008 issue (¥933)
Officially made it to my monthly dosage.

Total: ¥5503
Shipping fees: ¥4000(curse you DHL/FedEx/UPS)
Grand total: ¥9503(around RM300) 

Since the shipment will only be made on around the 11th April(Computiq releases on 10th of each month), I will have to have that amount of money in my Maybank account at that time. I am broke right now, but with my job at the PC Fair next week, and from my figure sales, hopefully I can make it(and get that nendoroid before Kevin really pisses off ^^;).

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