Sunday, February 10, 2008


My Ambank NextG Debit Mastercard got rejected by Had to force myself to borrow my mum's visa to pay for my magazines. And for some very odd reason I can't even withdraw my cash from their ATM machines as I have tried just now. Went to two different branches each on the OPPOSITE SITES of the city and nothing worked. Heck, I have RM300++ in there!!! Checked my balance, nothing wrong. But still cannot withdraw. I guess have to go and complain at Ambank tomorrow.

Lesson learned here everyone. NEVER EVER USE AMBANK'S DEBIT CARD. I'm gonna try Public Bank's Visa Electron debit card. Heard that it is quite good especially for online transactions. Somemore it's VISA. For some reason I'd prefer Visa over Mastercard.

On a side note, yesterday was super fun and tiring. Had lots of fun meeting all my ex-classmates from my primary and secondary schools. Thanks to Sern Yew and Liew Yi for creating this opportunity for all of us to meet again! And thanks to all who were present yesterday!

Seems that my card was barred for not using it for a period of time. Didn't know Mastercards can get barred like that(what's the expiry date for anyway?). If so they should just warn me when I was about to bank in the other day! Tsk tsk. Well, bright side is that I can unbar it without any additional surcharges, as soon as the next working day. That's it. I'm applying for Public Bank's Visa Electron card.

*2nd update*
My card wasn't barred, it was totally CANCELED. But the odd thing is that I was still allowed to deposit cash into my card. Madness. SO people, stay away from the NextG card. I have sent my application for the Public Bank Visa Electron card, and hopefully I will receive the card WITH MY NAME ON IT unlike some other card I just terminated. XD

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