Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is the original 劇場版アクエリオンCM.

LOL'ed when I saw these.

Watashi to gattai shiro! (Tomoyo Sakagami of Clannad)

Gattai shinasai! (Hiiragi Kagami of Lucky Star)

Hayaku gattai shinasai! (Yoko of Gurren Lagann)

Gattai shita! (adapted from the famous line ZETSUBOU SHITA! by the zetsubou sensei himself)

My favourite from the bunch:

Wa, watashi to gattai shinasai yo ne! (Louise from Zero no Tsukaima)

Language notes
Okay, I currently have no idea what 合体 is in English(transform?) so if you know chinese, the word and meaning is the same. "Hayaku" is "quickly" or "hurry up". "Shinasai" is like a request to do something, so in "Gattai shinasai", it's a request to "gattai", something like that. "Shita" is a past tense form of "suru", or "to do". So "Gattai shita" means you already "gattai" before you said the line. In case you don't know, "watashi" is "I" or "me" and "to(と)" is "with" or "and".

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