Thursday, November 22, 2007

22nd November

It's my birthday today!!! And I have Mathematics T Paper 1 later this afternoon. GAHHH.

Mladen Petrić celebrates scoring Croatia's winner (

England failed to qualify for EURO 2008!!! What a surprise. They lost AT HOME to Croatia 2-3, leaving Russia in a very comfortable position to qualify. Here are all the teams which had qualified into the EURO 2008.

Austria, Switzerland(Hosts)
Poland, Portugal(Group A)
Italy, France(Group B)
Greece, Turkey(Group C)
Czech Republic, Germany(Group D)
Croatia, Russia(Group E)
Spain, Sweden(Group F)
Romania, Netherlands(Group G)

Not many surprises there, except for Group B where Italy had to defeat Scotland to qualify and they did. Greece, the reigning European champions, were in the most comfortable group, with the most points scored compared to the other groups(31 points). Can they defend their crown once more in Austria/Switzerland? The tournament kicks off on 7th of June 2008. Can't wait!

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