Saturday, October 20, 2007

XBOX360 or PC upgrade?

XBOX 360. Cheapest offer I got was RM1480 from KL. Package includes 10 "ahem" games, one wireless controller, and all sorts of stuff included in the premium package.

A PC upgrade, on the other hand, I couldn't really set a price for. Aiming for the new Penryn 45nm C2D quad processor(12MB cache, ~3.1Ghz) which is about RM1000(should drop to RM900 by year end, hopefully), a new motherboard(aiming for an nforce motherboard with SLi, not sure what price since not aiming for specific piece) and four patang of ram(1GB DDR2 each, should run to RM400 for all). All in all I should be preparing RM2000 to be safe.

Any honest opinions? No XBOX fanboyish comments please... X3

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