Saturday, September 29, 2007

School Days 12(END)

No, I haven't watch it yet. But hell, I already know what happened. And it's damn freaking bloody. No wonder it was cancelled from airing.

So, the ending is kinda like this. I think. For the violent parts at least.

1st, Sekai stabbed Makoto to death after seeing Makoto kissing Kotonoha(not so sure if this is correct). Then Kotonoha kills Sekai for that previous incident. I think Sekai had severed Makoto's body into several parts after Kotonoha saw the incident(not sure too). Kotonoha opens up Sekai's abdomen to see if she was pregnant or not(is this true?). Then Kotonoha holds Makoto's severed head in her arms(sickening). All the blood blackened too, as observed from the pictures.

Yeap, that's the head in her arms. And yeap, that's Makoto's severed body parts in the bag. Oh my god.

Gross yourself out more at Random Curiosity. Moar pics and details there. Pics from Random Curiosity.

Nice boat >>> School Days 12 anytime... Thanks goodness School Days ended. Moral of the story? Japanese girls aren't as nice as you think. XD

*Added: Weiliang with his post on School Days 12. You love nice boat too don't you, Weiliang? X3

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