Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shirakawa Nanaka & Tsukishima Koko

THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!! This will definitely be a morale boost to my already mind stressing mock exam(lol). Let me introduce you to these fine ladies here. The pink-haired one is Shirakawa Nanaka(白川ななか), while the brown-haired one is Tsukishima Koko(月島小恋). Some of the pictures taken are quite blur, hands are still shaking from the excitement. XD

Plenty of pictures taken, so take your time to enjoy them... =D

Shirakawa Nanaka

As usual, the complementary pantsu shot.

Tsukishima Koko

The almost-famous black bikini pantsu from the game. Yummy.

Two love rivals side by side.

Overall, nice figures. As usual the quality from Kotobukiya is there, and I'm loving Da Capo II more and more. WHEN'S THE ANIME COMING?!?

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