Saturday, August 25, 2007

ef - a tale of memories & Autumn 2007



The famous eroge "ef - a fairy tale of the two" is finally following the footsteps of recently "anime-fied" eroge School Days. Although I have never even touched or seen the eroge before, expectations are high. Even higher than of School Days.

ef - a tale of memories will start airing in Japan this coming autumn, and will be a highly anticipated one along side Clannad. The preview DVD has already been released, but I don't understand a wee bit about the reason why try decided to release this preview. Fanservice?

After doing some research on the animes that are going to start this autumn, I only see three potential prospects for myself. This, Clannad and Shakugan no Shana II. One thing's for sure, Autumn 2007 won't be as lively as the rest of 2007, with Spring and Summer of 2007 popping out animes like Seto no Hanayome(which is one of my all time favourite for providing stomach aching laughter) and numerous others. And this trend would, without a doubt, continue next spring as our favourite Brigade Commander cum Ultra Director cum Chief-in-editor(only in the novel for now) cum Ultra Detective comes back for a second time round.

P.S. Makoto of School Days is sooo pathetic that it's not even funny calling him a 人渣(as by a Chinese fansub) anymore. I can't even bear to watch Kotonoha being abused psychologically like that anymore. Someone please kill that pathetic SOB. He'd be a perfect lead in Higurashi. *evil grin*

P.S.S. eroge(エロゲ) is a short form conveniently created by the English-deficient Japanese society. It stands for erotic games, which shouldn't even be a problem to pronounce if not for their primitive understanding of the language. Erotic games FTW!!! No, seriously.

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