Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Have been studying my Physics for the past few weeks, 31 topics to cover and I only have a few more to go. Good signs? Think again. Just five days away from my Mock I exam and I have barely even scratched the surface of my Maths textbooks and have just forced myself to pick up my murder-tool Physical Chem textbook. 16 topics in Maths, God-knows-how-many topics in Chem(three books, Physical Chem, Organic Chem and Inorganic Chem, around eight to ten topics each), and five days. Life sure is shitty.

Putting that aside, I just pre-ordered a bad-ass looking Alter's KOSMOS Version 4 figurine from the game trilogy Xenosaga on the PS2. Let's face it. Who doesn't like girls with BFGs?

An update will never be complete without some PVCs. XD

And somehow, even if it's really old news, I just have to put this up, whether you want to know it or not.

Got Band 5 for my MUET, with a score of 240. Not bad, but expected more since I thought I've done pretty well on almost everything except speaking. See, it's a pretty big deal getting Band 5 and above in St. Thomas, since getting Band 4 and below will land you an automatic spot in the year end MUET test. Poor souls. I wonder if it's the same case in other schools. Or only our kiasu reputable school can afford to waste our time help us like this. Hmm.


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