Friday, July 6, 2007

My One Gaming Wish

This is a tough tag by SWATwolf. Had myself thinking for a while. That would explain the delay in this post.

Alright, What would be my one ultimate gaming wish?

Truthfully I had a few thoughts(or "wishes") coming in my mind when I saw this tag and what was written in SWATwolf's blog. But one stands out most, which is...

To Be A Gamer Forever.

May it be on the PC, PS2, the Wii, the XBOX360, the PS3 to PSn where n=4,5,6,... We all grow up. We will eventually stop playing games to focus on more important stuff in our lives. But my ultimate wish is not to forget the fun that I had playing these games, and to tell my stories to my children. I won't discourage my children from playing games in the future(IF they are not dangerous of course). Games have certainly lit up my life, allowed me to meet new friends, and most importantly, opened up myself to the world around me.

What's YOUR ultimate gaming wish? Consider yourself tagged if you're reading this... XD

Don't forget to link back to me! And Nana, will do your tag next...

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