Friday, June 15, 2007

What's On Your Desk?

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What's within arm's reach on your desk, without leaning forward too much?

Hmm... Most of my things are up in my room, so these are the things I'd usually bring with my downstairs into my other private room, for convenience.

  1. My All Important Internet Hub(PC lah).
  2. My handy dandy black whiteboard marker for scribbling on my burnt discs.
  3. My NEW Motorola ROKR E2, yummy.
  4. Pendrive(for Readyboost™).
  5. DS Lite.
  6. All the burnt discs, may it be animes or something else.
  7. Canon Pixma IP4000 printer
  8. My preferred brand of SONY DVD-Rs.
  9. Sony Network Walkman
  10. My wallet. Full of name cards, empty of cash.
  11. Lots of mini USB cables.
  12. A table fan, for ultimate CPU cooling. Beat that, Zalman coolers! XD
  13. Air-con remote?
  14. Sucky card reader.
  15. Philips In-Ear earphones(for my Sony Network Walkman)
  16. Motorola stock earphones(for ROKR E2, 3.5mm FTW!!!)
  17. Lots and lots of empty CD sacks, for my burnt DVDs.
That's about it. Tagging Kim, Weiliang and anybody else viewing this. Please link back to meeee!!! need visitors...

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