Wednesday, May 23, 2007


You guys probably heard of this. I'm selling my PSP. And with that money I'm gonna buy a new portable media player. But WHICH ONE? IPOD or ZUNE?

Okay, price check. Both are almost the same price(30GB model). RM950 if I'm gonna get the IPOD video. Not so sure about Microsoft Zune though, not much people selling this here yet. I'm predicting a RM850-RM900 pricetag.

Functions. Both play music fine, but not my main concern. Video playback is. Zune somehow lacks video playback support(playing WMV only?!? THIS IS MADNESS.) IPOD fares better, with H.264 and MP4 support, almost similar to my PSP now.

Screen. Zune has a VERY VERY large screen. Very very sui also. Perfect for video playback. BUT, you know. Video playback support sucks. IPOD has a small screen(2.5 inches only!?! MADNESS.) but the screen quality still okay.

User Friendliness. Zune is very user friendly, nice interface on the player, but the headache is from the file transfer. The software provided, from what I've heard, is pretty disappointing. What a turnoff. IPOD, on the other hand, has iTunes. I love iTunes. Better than Windows Media Player.

Still could not make up my mind though. Both are very good player. Both are very stylish. Both are very beautiful. I love IPOD's functions, but I also love Zune's various colours(FTW ORANGE!!! SEE BELOW) and that huge screen.

Which one should I get?

Just saw the CREATIVE ZEN VISION series. HOT HOT HOT!!! The video playback support: INCREDIBLE. AVIs, DIVXs supported!!! OMG.

Might be getting a Zen after all. YESSS.

Fuiyoo 3.7' screen. OMG.

FUIYOH! 4.3' WXGA screen man.

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