Saturday, April 7, 2007

(Nagasarete Airantou)
Plot Summary(from ANN):
One day, Ikuto has a fight with his father and as a result runs away from home in the heat of the moment. Everything was going well until he boarded a ship, but then he carelessly fell overboard. After encountering the most serious raging storm in a hundred years, and spending many days adrift, he arrives here, at "Airantou". However, this island is a little weird...because, this Airantou is an island comprising solely of girls. An (extremely enviable) destiny awaits Ikuto.

Despite the harem look to this anime, just ignore it. It's damn funny, had stomach ache from overlaughing in this. The women on the island are all after Ikuto, and the way they approach him so damn funny. Definitely recommended!

Romeo x Juliet
Plot Summary(from ANN):
This is a story of a young and tragic love, set in the aerial city of Neo Verona. Tyranny rules this island in the sky after the Montague family took control 14 years prior. The disparity among the wealthy and poor is apparent in the present state, the earth dries and water stagnates. The sky itself is wrapped in a deep dense fog. Both Romeo and Juliet's lineages are of present and past ruling families of Neo Verona. Romeo is the son of the current Montague dictator, Juliet (a beautiful woman) masquerades as a man (Odin), she's the last descendent of Capulet the previous rulers who were killed by an assasin's dagger 14 years ago. Her true background is not to be revealed to her until her 16th birthday while being raised by her sister. The cruel hands of fate introduces 2 people who will become "Star Crossed Lovers".

All I gotta say for the first episode for this anime is "WOW". This is certainly a masterpiece done by GONZO. Everything is beautiful in this one. Almost perfect too. Music's not so suitable though. But still definitely another highly recommended one.

(Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo)
The first major upset for me this spring. To think I had such high hopes for this anime, and thought that it would be on par with Da Capo. But the first episode has already made me wondered what exactly the story was again. Very confusing and not viewer friendly. Not recommended for now, but I'm not gonna give up on this just yet. Hopefully I'm not disappointed.

And Finally...

Shakugan no Shana II coming this October!!! T.T October...

But the movie version is due to premiere in Japan on 2007/4/21. And the theme song ROCKS.... As like all the other Shakugan no Shana theme songs...

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