Monday, April 30, 2007


Long awaited two day holiday has arrived. I've been sick for the past two weeks and this break couldn't come any sooner.

Got my DS lite and all last week, had an out of this world experience with it. OMG it's TONS lighter than my old, fat, ugly and a bit disfunctional DS. It's like a totally new console all together. My DS lite is in sexy white(yum) and it's shiny... You can actually see your reflection on the surface!! Okay maybe not. But damn it's even shinier than the screen itself. Cool. Pics will be taken after my camera arrive from KL. XD

Still waiting for one last package from Hong Kong. Play-Asia to be exact. Where the FUCK is my three piece CD that I've ordered like, oh I don't know, 31 March 2007?!? It's already one month since I've paid and nothing!!! nada!!! Fuck. Costed me damn hefty RM140 for those CDs man. FUCKINGBBQ.

You won't be believing this either. I'm actually playing Pokemon again. But this time, it's the newest version on NDS, POKEMON PEARL!!! I've gotta say, now I know why I played Pokemon long time ago. It's SO DAMN ADDICTIVE!!! Leveling up your P'mons, fighting Gym Bosses, and now there's the Galactic Team? Anyone remember Team Rocket? Ngahaha. NO I'M NOT A KID. There's plenty of 20-year-olds I know who are playing Pokemon right now. No kidding.

So, go buy a DS lite right now!!! It's freaking cheap. RM750 for everything you need. Including the famous R4+1GB for playing you-know-what. Don't tell me you're poor now. If you're poor, how come you're viewing my blog? Get lost... No really. Get lost.


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