Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lowyat NDS gathering

Today was a milestone as the 1st joint gathering between LYN owners of NDS in KL and we here in Kuching. there were a total of six who attended our gathering here, 16 in KL. nuff said, pics!(Pics courtesy of SWATwolf and clemong_888)

Special guest flying in directly from Japan, clemong_888! He's a Kuchingite BTW.

Organiser SWATwolf showing off his Gyakuten Saiban limited edition package.

Tak(or was it Tat?) from Swinburne

Ricky, also from Swinburne

Harry, our 2nd special guest pulled into the gathering in the last minutes.

And of course, you-know-who.

*evil look* I love to eat kids...

In action...

I lost(obviously)

A DS gathering wouldn't be complete without them!!!

That was really fun... Can't wait for the next gathering! Own a DS? Interested in joining? Just tell me and I'll inform you as soon as a gathering is in plans!

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