Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random Anime Talk

Spent the last two days digging out and watching an old anime. Not really old lar, last year one. Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no sketch~. It was good, nice OP and ED(never bothered to listen to them when i 1st watched it... just skipped them) but the ending is a bit... odd. Not a bit, really really odd. But overall it's still a watchable anime. It's kinda about a guy, Hiroki and his cousin Eris living under the same roof, both are talented artists. Eris is still a student while Hiroki is a teacher-in-training in Eris's school. Etc etc lah. If wanna watch go download yourself. XD

Watched Kanon Ep 15 too. Have to say it was the best episode so far in terms of the CG quality. very very cool fighting scenes and great episode starring only Yuuichi and Mai. Talked about Mai and Yuuichi when they met years ago, and the reason why the monsters appeared in the school. Thumbs up for this episode and hope for even better to come!!!

Erh watched Tokimeki Memorial Only Love Ep 14 too. Not a great episode, so not gonna talk more on this. Now currently watching Sumomo mo Momo mo Ep 13 and later maybe continuing on Megadere(Mamoru kun etcetc)(not real title okay it's too long).

Finally the animes are rolling in after the Christmas and New Year break. New animes are expected too but March's the time. SUZUMIYA HARUHI NO YUUUTSU SEASON 2!!! And hopefully more new seasons for old animes to come... じゃな。

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